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On the front page of my website is a link to the Southern Discovery! page, a comprehensive Southern Africa tour that Katie and I have lead several times.  Our first tour was in 1997, and we have conducted several until 2005.  In 2008 we led a Serengeti Safari to Tanzania, after I returned from climbing Kilimanjaro (See Kilimanjaro!  for my coffee table book, or click on this link for a video about the adventure.).

Southern Discovery! Promotional Video

I made a Southern Discovery! promotional film in 2001 from videos taken during our travels in Southern Africa from 1995 to 2000.  Katie and I have been blessed to lead several tours to Southern Africa since 2001.  The films below are excerpts from that old VHS video I made in 2001, long before digital videography.  The quality is… well… VHS, but I felt that the subject matter and the beauty of Southern Africa should be shared.

1. Cape Town
2. The Magic of the Okavango Delta – Sea of Land, Land of Water
3. Mashatu – Warthogs!
4. Chobe – Lion Buffalo Hunt
4. Victoria Falls
5. Bungi Jump – Victoria Falls Bridge
6. Johannesburg, Pretoria and A Message to the World

 Click HERE to see all six videos posted on YouTube or click on the link or on the photo of each description below.

Cape Town

Our adventure typically would follow the itinerary described in the 2002 Southern Discovery! Itinerary.  We start off in by visiting our favorite places in Cape Town and in the Stellenbosh and Fransch Hoek areas of the Cape wine country.  This film highlights these places we love.

Click on the photo of Cape Town to see the Video

Click on the photo of Cape Town to view the film


From Cape Town we fly to Johannesburg on our way to Botswana for some of the most exotic wildlife and game safaris in Africa.  Enjoy the following three films made from family footage we took in Botswana over many years traveling to our favorite Africa destination.


The Magic of the Okavango Delta – Sea of Land, Land of Water

One of our favorite safaris was in 1995 with our kids, then 12 and 15, in the Okavango Delta’s Moremi Wildlife Preserve.  A magical place like no other on earth.  Our daughter Jessica narrated this for me in 1995.

Click on the image to view the film

Mokoro in the Okavango

Mashatu in the Northern Tuli District, Botswana – Warthogs!

In the Northern Tuli District we love to visit Mashatu Private Game Reserve.  I made this short clip of an encounter with warthogs in Mashatu in 1997.

Click on the photo of the warthog to view the film

Chobe – Lion Buffalo Hunt

The and the Chobe and Savuti areas o f North Western Botswana are indescribable.  I filmed 6 lions hunting buffalo in Chobe National Park on the border with Namibia in 1997.

Click on the photo to view the lion hunt

 Victoria Falls

From Botswana we travel to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.  Victoria Falls is one of the world’s seven natural wonders.  The film includes a fly-over in ultra-light planes, a bungi jump by my brother-in-law, John Textoris, and a whitewater raft trip down the mighty Zambezi.  Filmed on the same 1997 safari.

Click on the photo to view the video

Bungi Jump off the Victoria Falls Bridge

In 2005 I also did this Bungi jump.  Talk about a rush!

333 Feet! Click on the image to see the film of my Bungi jump.

Johannesburg and Pretoria and A Message to the World

We return to Johannesburg and Pretoria for a visit to The Cradle of Humankind, an active archeological site where the oldest humanoid remains had been found.  The film ends with “A Message to the World”, inviting everyone to “come, come and see how beautiful it is.”

Johannesburg Grace Hotel. Click on the image to view the film.


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