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Pelotonia 2015

2015 -MY SIXTH PELOTONIA  Scroll down to read my 2015 Rider Profile Click on the YouTube icon above to go to the Pelotonia 2015 VIDEO August 13, 2015 – Update SUCCESS! Made it in 6 hours 30 minutes saddle time. Had a fantastic ride with not a pain or ache afterwards – okay, maybe with […]

Only 5 days left to PELOTONIA 2011

From Columbus TO ATHENS AND BACK – 180 MILES!

And this year I am better prepared!

MY RIDER PROFILE: Click on the link to the left to visit my Rider Profile on the 2011 Pelotonia website.

You can use my PELOTONIA RIDER ID: WG0003 to search for me under SEARCH FOR A RIDER on the Pelotonia website main page


Why I committed to ride 180 miles and raise $4,000 for cancer research

One week before the Pelotonia last year I enrolled to ride (see my post below).  I notified my friends via email and offered them an opportunity to invest in this worthwhile cause.  I was stunned and humbled that in addition to my own contribution almost $5,000 was contributed by a large number of folks for cancer research – in less than one week!  I honestly did not expect any contributions, and was moved by the terrific support in such a short time.

When I ride this year – Columbus to Athens and back – 180 miles, it will be just a few days short of my dad’s birthday on September 2.  My dad passed away in 1979 in South Africa, a few days after his 62nd birthday.  He suffered from hypertension, and in those days, untreated, it killed people – just like so many types of cancer still do today.  When I ride this year, it will be just about a month before MY 62nd birthday.  Riding in the Pelotonia has become a personal fitness goal for me; I did not dream last year that I would get so completely “hooked” on riding.  So, I ride to help raise awareness of another killer – cancer, and in the process also help raise money for research.

And I ride for my own health and fitness.

This year I am dedicating my ride to my father, Willie Grové Sr..  I miss my dad.  I am sure he is smiling on me.  I know he is very proud that I, at his age, am actively taking care of myself, and making a small contribution to others.

100% of every donation will fund essential research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute.  Think of this as a donation not to me, or Pelotonia, but directly to The James. Please consider supporting my effort and this great cause. Here is the link to my rider profile:


I am riding in the Pelotonia from Columbus to Athens, Ohio on Saturday.

I am brand new to this.  I have not owned a road bike since I was 20, and I will be 61 in September.  As part of my own commitment to remain fit, I decided in June that I would ride to Athens in honor of the people who work so hard to beat cancer, as well as the ones who are fighting it now.  I have not had much practice since I came off my bike the day I bought it eight weeks ago that day in June, and only this week (mid-August) have been able to use my injured left leg effectively to ride.

I thought I would not ride this year, but rather postpone it to next year.  Then I thought of all the people who are diagnosed with cancer.  They do not have time to practice for that, and yet they don’t give up.  So why should I not ride?

I am not asking for a donation – only that if my friends feel moved by this worthwhile cause, that they may want to take this opportunity to make a small investment.

I am just so gratified that I will be able to do this ride.

Think of this as a donation not to me, or Pelotonia, but directly to The James. Please consider supporting my effort and this great cause.