Southern Discovery 2002 Promotion

May 2002.

Since coming from South Africa to America with my wife, Katie, almost 25 years ago, I have had a dream to share some of the wonders of Africa with the many friends we have made in America by providing an experience not found in the most exclusive travel catalogues… to share my South African heritage and our love for Africa. In 2001 we led our first official guided tour, taking a wonderful group of friends on an adventure of a lifetime. My goal was to show them my homeland through my eyes. The bonus I got was to experience it through theirs.

From October 20 to November 3 we will conduct our second New Trekker Adventures African Safari: Southern Discovery! 2002. We will return to South Africa, Botswana, and Victoria Falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe. We hope you can join us on this adventure. Space is limited and the time is near, so send us your response today!

Willie and Katie Grové

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