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Travel in Africa:
A collection of videos in Southern Africa: South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and in East Africa, Tanzania and Kilimanjaro Climb

Abrigo Bag:
Katie’s Company – The World’s Only Luxury Coat Bag Introducing the Abrigo Bag – The World’s Only Luxury Coat Bag. Inspired design. Custom fabrics and artistic detail – built tough enough for the real world.

Everest! A Trek to Base Camp and Back – 2013
5 videos, 1 hour, 44 minutes.  Videos filmed while in Nepal, trekking to Everest Base Camp and back, October 31 to November 23, 2013. I also included my Everest 2011 Trek Edited and Narrated video here.

Performances: Jessica – The Muse Cycle
6 videos.  Jessica Grové, Chris Rayis and Douglas Waterbury-Tieman proudly present the first installment of THE MUSE CYCLE.  The theme for this first performance was BEGINNINGS.

Grové Family Old Videos

Performances: Willie

Dive Films

Biking Videos



Performances: Jessica Mix 
19 videos, 1 hour, 44 minutes.  A collection of Jessica’s performances from the internet and from our archives.






INDEX of Photo Albums are under construction…

New York 2010 Christmas
  1. Willie
  2. Yuki
Tanzania 2008 Kilimanjaro

  1. Willie
  2. Yuki
Tanzania 2008 Safari
  1. Willie Canon 5D (1)
  2. Willie Canon 5D (2)
  3. Julie Nocco
  4. Willie Olympus
Dan and Jessica’s Wedding in Belize
  1. Kay Scott, professional photographer
  2. Yuki Grové
  3. Judy Tharp
  4. Donna Drumheller
  5. Mary Jane Hollis
  6. Willie Grové, Sony video camera stills
Jessica’s Wedding in Belize – Other Photos
  1. Yuki Grové
  2. Judy Tharp
  3. Donna Drumheller
  4. Willie Grové, Sony video camera stills
  5. Willie Grové, Olympus
  6. George Kun
San Francisco
  1. March 2003 – Ryusei’s first birthday
Alaska August 2010
  1. Katie and Willie



INDEX of Movies

Unfortunately Apple discontinued the MobileMe photo and video hosting service.  I will be posting a new hosting service soon.  In the mean time, please feel free to visit where this video and more than 50 other of my videos are hosted  – Willie Grové – July 2012
Christmas 2010 – New York
  1. Slide show with Tommy, Yuki and Ryusei, Jessica and Dan, Katie’s Mom and Katie and me
  2. Movie 1 – Until Christmas Eve (coming soon)
  3. Movie 2 – Christmas Day (coming soon)
  4. Movie 3 – Snow in New York! (coming soon)
African Movies
  1. Kilimanjaro!  A Profound Experience (13:11)
  2. Tanzania Slide Show (43:46)
  3. Victoria Falls Bungi Jump (03:15)
Tommy’s First Six Months (13:19)
It’s a Wonderful Life
  1. Curtain Speeches (07:40)
  2. Excerpts from Act II (15:33)
  3. When I get My Wings – Steve DeBruyn (04:44)
  4. Kathie Lee Gifford and John McDaniel Talkback (07:22)
  5. Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford with the cast (01:51)
San Francisco
  1. October 20, 2010 – Ryusei 19-months-old (Movie – 28:48)
  2. October 20, 2010 – Ryusei 19-months-old (Slide Show – 02:04)
Dan and Jessica’s Wedding in Belize
  1. The Wedding Ceremony (46.46)
  2. The Wedding Reception (01:44:32)
  1. The Joy of a Hobie Cat (11:16)
  2. Belizean Cove Estates – our home on Ambergris Cay (03:20)
  3. Sailing My Hobie Cat in Belize

    Great Sailing!

San Diego
  1. Christmas 2009 at Pete and Lolly’s (01:44:32)
  2. Pete’s New Boat
Alaska, August 2010
  1. Fishing at Salmon Creek (04:16)
  2. Dove Island Lodge (03:24)
  3. Wrangell Sunset (03:12)
Click on the thumbnail or the link for each album below to be directed to the Photo and Movies Gallery on my MobileMe website. Some of the videos are uploaded in large format, which takes just a little longer to load, but which makes the viewing more pleasurable.  You may want to wait a couple of minutes before playing it, or allow the download to catch up if the video stops, then press play or the space bar to continue.  Where available, you may click on the Medium format -  it should stream with no problem.  You will need QuickTime 7.2 which you can download for free before playing the video.
Unfortunately Apple discontinued the MobileMe photo and video hosting service.  I will be posting a new hosting service soon.  In the mean time, please feel free to visit where this video and more than 50 other of my videos are hosted  – Willie Grové – July 2012

San Francisco – October 2010

Katie and I had a wonderful visit with Tommy, Yuki, and Ryusei in San Francisco in October.  From just hanging out, to baby sitting so that Tommy and Yuki can get out (at least that was our excuse!), to a bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge to meet Yuki, Katie and Ryusei in Sausalito for breakfast, and then on to Tiburon, and back San Francisco.  A lovely morning on the road!  Came back to watch The Blue Angels from Tommy and Yuki’s rooftop.  What a view!  Lovely dinners, but most of all, a great time with our son and daughter-in-law, and of course our Ryusei!.


Here’s a short video… Click on the image of The Golden Gate Bridge


Well, I couldn’t resist.  Yuki sent me a bunch of photos from our trip to San Francisco in October.  I took about 40 of them and added 20 of mine to put together this two-minute slide show.

Click on the image above to load the slide show.  This will take you to my MobileMe Gallery.

Alaska 2010

An Alaska Adventure

Photo Albums:

Album 1: Juneau:

Photos by Katie and Willie.  I will add more photo galleries, including photos by others as time permits.

Also see Alaska Videos:

Wrangell Sunset: After a wonderful day visiting the Leconte Glacier, we enjoyed a sundowner.  We were treated to a spectacular show.

Dove Island Lodge: Day 1: Our first day fishing was very successful.  I caught the largest King Salmon of the trip: 30 pounds!  Here are a few funny clips.

Last Day at Dove Island Lodge: After Duane Lambert dropped us off at Salmon Creek, our excellent guide, Vic, took us for an amazing day hiking upstream and fishing down Salmon creek. Here are a few humorous clips of the “expert fishermen” and their bloopers, followed by Duane picking us up in his float plane and “Let’s Talk Hookup” radio show host and trip organizer Pete Gray doing a tight-rope cable walk between the pontoons of the Otter…


Dan and Jessica’s Belize Wedding

On February 13, 2010 we celebrated the marriage of our daughter, Jessica Grové to Dan Cooney.  Giving away your only daughter in marriage is a momentous experience.  I tried to prepare myself for this event, but I could not possibly have anticipated how special this would be.  We had almost 100 guests – friends – many who spent the best part of a week or longer with us in our favorite place, Belize, at our condo there on Ambergris Caye.  We are honored to have gained Dan as a member of our family, and to have joined his family with ours.

Thank you to everyone who made such a special effort to come to Belize to share in this special time in our family’s life.

Photographs by: Yuki Grové,   Judy Tharp,  Donna Drumheller,  Mary Jane Hollis,  Willie Grové,  George Kun, Kate Scott, Wedding Photographer


The Joy of a Hobie Cat

A short film of my new Hobie Cat. I shipped this boat from San Diego where I purchased it as a kit from Fast Lane Sailing. It arrived in San Pedro in many pieces, and Vic Tharp, my brother-in-law and I assembled it with the help of Gato and several other friendly Belizeans.

This boat was easy to assemble and is an absolute pleasure to sail!

Kilimanjaro: March 2008

Click on this link:  Kilimanjaro!

Cover to my book "Kilimanjaro!"

The Miracle of Life: William Ryusei Grové

Click on this link: Yuki_Photo_Album



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