Kilimanjaro Climb: March 2008

Thomas and Yuki – about 1,000 feet from Uhuru Peak, the summit of Kilimanjaro, 1-9,340 ft.


It was a long journey from the time my friend, Richard Wallace, and I decided we would climb Kilimanjaro. Along the way we were joined by eight more, and I was particularly pleased that my son, Thomas, and his wife, Yuki, were able to share in this adventure. These photos are from the coffee table book telling the story of these ten adventurers climbing the world’s largest freestanding mountain, the highest peak in Africa.

Cover to my book "Kilimanjaro!"

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Uhuru Peak - Highest summit in Africa: 19,340 ft.

Uhuru Peak – Highest summit in Africa: 19,340 ft.

5 thoughts on “Kilimanjaro Climb: March 2008

  1. Katie Grové

    Willie, I love your website. Thank you for building it Thomas. Great job! What a wonderful gift to your dad! I am proud to be the first to enter a comment!
    Love, Katie

  2. Zee

    Willie, your website looks awesome!!

    I am so lucky to have your book on Kilimanjaro! It is one of the books that will always be treasured in our family….

    I am looking forward to have updates here about your adventures all around the world.

    Luv u………

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