Nepal Earthquake Disaster Update 1 – June 17, 2015

Devastating Earthquake, April 18, 2015

June 17, 2015

Updates from Nepal

It is one day short of two months since the first of two devastating earthquakes, followed by many aftershocks, changed the country of Nepal and its people forever.

The Maya Sherpa Project

The Maya Sherpa Project

Thank you  so very much to all who responded to the great need in Nepal.  Your contributions are already making a huge difference in so many ways and in so many places as you will see in this post.  But the need is great and getting greater as the Monsoon season approaches and the Nepalese people are in danger of disease and exposure.  Please revisit my earlier BLOG and consider making a donation to continue our support on the ground in Nepal.  Simply click on the Donate box to the left.  From here you can make a contribution using your Visa card or PayPal.  No contribution is too small.

Following are excerpts from messages and photos I have received: News From Nepal

From Pattie Moon, Founder of The Maya Sherpa Project

Dear Willie,

The Maya Sherpa Project is grateful for your generous donation and those of your friends for the 2015 Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund.

Thanks to your thoughtful gift, and that of many others, we will be able to offer support in a variety of ways for those whose lives have been irreparably changed by this wide-scale tragedy.  With our local MSP network in Nepal – and our organization’s experience providing help to remote Himalayan villages – we will be able to help the families and communities that need assistance, especially those who might otherwise be overlooked.

Neera Sherpa's family taking refuge in Kathmandu under a tarpaulin

Neera Sherpa’s family taking refuge in Kathmandu under a tarpaulin

A home in Rowaling Valley near Kathmandu

A home in Rowaling Valley near Kathmandu

Our commitment to this relief effort is a continuation of our 5 year-old non-profit organization’s charter.

“My vision for the MSP is to help bring basic education and medical care to my fellow Sherpas, in order that they can experience a life of greater well-being, while still maintaining the richness of our culture.” ~ Dawa Sherpa

To this, we now add the basic needs of food, water, housing and clothing, as well as bridges and trail access.


Dawa Sherpa, Sharon Lowe, Pattie Moon, Nancy Kramer 

The Maya Sherpa Project Board of Directors


This email from Pattie Moon yesterday, Tuesday June 15, 2015

Good morning dear friend,

I wanted to send you this email from Nima Sherpa, who is in the Khumbu with my younger son, Nick.  They have been working in Lukla (Nima’s village) but are now traveling up into the Khumbu.  The news is not good, as you will see.  Photos as well, of some of the places we know.  I understand that today they are going to Thame.

As far as their getting together with your friends Ram Pahari or Ramesh Karel in Kathmandu, I’m not sure there’s a possibility.  Nick leaves at the end of the month and Nima will be spending most of his time in the mountains, where he can be more useful than in Kathmandu.  

Perhaps you have heard of the government’s efforts to systematically assess, rate, tear down if necessary, and assign a monetary reimbursement to each and every home.  The Nepali military corps of engineers has been working in the Solu and are now heading north into the Khumbu.  I don’t know how this is proceeding in Kathmandu, but I assume something similar will – or is - occurring.  My understanding is that this is done with all the aid money from other countries, an amount in the tens of millions?

Anyway, we’re learning as we go, which is about all we can do right now.  Everyone I talk to from Nepal (including Nima and Nick) and all the important foundations (check out Peter Hillary and the Himalayan Trust: ) are saying that we must wait and assess what is the best course of action.

So, wait we do.  Blessings, Pattie


A note from Willie:

Peter Hillary, son of Sir Edmund Hillary, and Jamling Norgay Sherpa, son of Hillary’s climbing companion, Tenzing Norgay Sherpa, happened to be close to Everest Base Camp when the earthquake and a terrible avalanche from Everest hit.  Follow the=se links for this amazing story:

Sons of Hillary and Norgay took refuge in same village by chance during Nepal earthquake

Hillary and Tenzing’s sons describe surviving the Everest avalanche (VIDEO)

Peter Hillary: Mountain tragedy hits close to home:  An amazing report by Peter Hillary of his tragic experience at the time of the earthquake.


This email from Nima Sherpa to Pattie Moon yesterday, Tuesday June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

Namaste PattieMom,

Good morning. How are you??  We are back to Namche Bazaar.  We went yesterday to Tengboche.  It was but scare while walking on the trail to Tengboche.  Between Namche and Kengjuma, there is landslide and rock falling from the top of that cliff.  Tengoche was badly damaged.  Most of the monks’ rooms have been demolished.  Top part of monastery has been came out.  Little gift shop at Tengboche has completely destroyed. Himalayan lodge where we had stayed last time is in bad shape.  That building need to rebuild from the bottom.  They are waiting for expert carpenter and a stone workers. 

Part of Khumjung and Kunde has badly affected.  It is common to see many cracks in each and every building.  They have already started to rebuild.  It was hard to see all those affected buildings  because of foggy weather.  However; we could hear a stone work along the way. 

There was a landslide on the way to Namche just after Phakding.  Some places, we saw a big crack across the trail.  Upcoming monsoon might take away that area. 

So far, I and Nick are the only hiker in this area.  There is a huge demands of carpenter and stone workers.

Each and every lodges are closed even in Namche Bazaar. 

Till today, we found Chaurikharka ( near my village) is the most affected area compare to Khumjung, Tengboche and Namche. 

We spent one night at Panorama hotel at Namche.  It was nice hotel but they was really  expensive for us.  They charged us more then what we had expected. We went some other guest house today but some were closed and some were under construction. Finally we end up at Hotel Kamal.  We are the only guest wherever we go. This place has Internet and price is reasonable.  We will stay one more night here then we will go to Kangma( my home). 

Due to the monsoon season, there is no regular flight.  Thupten is still in Kathmandu. He couldn’t fly due to bad weather. Nick might fly back to Kathmandu on 19th or 20th though his flight back to Bangkok is on 25th. There is an option to get in Kathmandu by bus from Salleri. however, road might be rough. So, it is better to fly from Lukla. 

My dinner is ready.  I will write you more in next email. 

Have a good day.

Love from Namche Bazaar


IMG_2489 IMG_2488 IMG_2510 IMG_2464

The devastation and damage observed by Nick Moon and Nima Sherpa, on the ground in Nepal from Fort Collins and Steamboat Springs, the US home of The Maya Sherpa Project 



A note from Willie:

I was happy to hear about Khamal Tea House.  I have stayed there with Mr. Khamal several times.  In my first blog I have photos with Mr. Khamal, and he has a copy of my book.  Maybe Nima could ask him to see it and give him my best wishes.  I have been unable to connect with him.



The following email from Ram Pahari, Tuesday June 15, 2015

Dear Willie  & All supporter Team,
Greetings from Himalaya Journey Treks & Expedition, Nepal.

Thank you for your great support & contribution to the earthquake victim people of Nepal. Thanks for your kind contribution.  Certainly , I will give Ramesh dollars for his personal use as you instructed and I will use rest of USD for earthquake victim people.

Thanks for your great support to earthquake victim people of Nepal

people of victim 1 victim people of village4

Ram Pahari distributing food purchased with our donations

earthquake damage house earthquake afected home 7

How does a person ever recover from this?  The despair and fear must be so intense!



Email from Ramesh Karel, my guide on the 2011 trek to Everest Base Camp and Back


Hello, how are you any family?  I hope you are doing fine over there.  I am doing fine here bless of you.  The temperature is hot here due to no rain long time.  There is still small magnitude Earthquake time to time until today.  We are hopeful that the Earthquake will over soon.  I am sending you couple of photo of destroyed in my area and two photo of temporary shelter of my parents in the village.  The God and friends give us to strength to bear in this the situation.

Thanking you!

Warmest regard


…And an earlier email from Ramesh Karel, describing the devastation:

I hope you are in good health and spirit.  Thank you for your heartfelt concern. It is tragic natural disaster that we are living through in Nepal now.  I wanted to reply to my well wishers  the earliest, but there was shortage of power and not good internet connection during the trek.

I am back from trek.  I am safe and so is my family.  Fortunately, no family members met tragic end, although the house has turned into a heap of ruins.  It was the time that saved their lives because at 11.56am, village people normally work out in the field.

 It is heartbreaking devastation – I could hardly stand the sight of whole village turned into a heap of rubbles.  My family members are living under the tarpaulin to fend themselves from the rain and the sun.  Very little help from the government so far regarding the resettlement.  

Trekking business has been badly hit and it will long consequence for us trekking workers in rebuilding the houses.  Helping hands and generous heart are welcome to contribute in rebuilding the ruined house.

I would highly value the efforts from friends who are willing to contribute to alleviate the tragic pain.

Warmest Regards


2015-05-03 18.04.33 2015-05-03 16.38.59 2015-05-03 16.38.44 2015-05-03 16.42.29

It is heartbreaking devastation – I could hardly stand the sight of whole village turned into a heap of rubbles” – Ramesh Kharel, Everest trekking guide.

2015-05-05 06.01.11 2015-05-05 05.58.39

“My family members are living under the tarpaulin to fend themselves from the rain and the sun.” Ramesh Kharel


The Maya Sherpa ProjectMaking a contribution to The Maya Sherpa Project ensures that every dollar donated finds its way to a Nepalese person in need.  Yes, the need is great, and the resources meager.  But your contribution to any organization helping in Nepal will work wonders.  Thank you for your caring support.  Financially and spiritually.

Of whom much is given, much will be required.

Or in Uncle Ben’s words of wisdom to Peter Parker in Spider-man: “With great power comes great responsibility.”


Willie Grové  

June 16, 2015



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