Everest! A Trek to Base Camp and Back – 2011 – Update 5

Everest Base Camp Update 5


Willie and Kent at Everest Base Camp

We made it to Everest Base Camp today.  After seven days of very hard trekking – I would rather call it climbing – we finally reached our goal: Everest Base Camp at 5,364 metres (17,700 ft.)  Today’s hike was brutal.  Many elevation changes, scampering over huge boulders, loose gravel, drop-offs on both sides several hundred feet with occasionally less than one foot of trail.  Amazing to hike right on top of the Kumbu Glacier.  An amazing achievement fo both of us.  Unfortunately we lost four of our original six-pack due to AMS and severe difficulty of the hike.

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11 thoughts on “Everest! A Trek to Base Camp and Back – 2011 – Update 5

  1. john and cheryl z

    Way to go Willie!!!! We were rooting for you. that is quite an accomplishment. Enjoy the view!

  2. Kathy and Al Wilson

    Congratulations, Willie and Kent. We couldn’t be happier for you on your achievement. So glad you were able to stick it out!

  3. wgrove Post author

    Only thing was we REALLY missed you, Al and Kathy! See my last post which should go on in a few minutes. What an incredibly gratifying, humbling and uplifting experience this was!

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