Everest! A Trek to Base Camp and Back – 2011 – Update 9

Update 9 – A Wedding at the Top of The World

Everest Base Camp  — November 10, 2011

While at Base Camp admiring the unbelievable scenery, the incomparable view of Mt. Everest with the Kumbu Icefall in the foreground and the 27,900 ft. peak of Lhotse creating an impressive cloud against the impossibly blue sky — I have never seen a blue as deep as at this altitude! – as snow blew off the peak, we had a special bonus.  A young Czech Republic couple, Sarka Podlucka and David Cemus had trekked to Everest Base Camp where they were to get married!  I instantly became the official wedding videographer, and Kent took video with their camera since the Nepali authorities needed that to verify that the ceremony actually took place. I was already extremely emotional.  I had just called Katie on my cell phone from Everest Base Camp, and could hardly speak, completely overcome by the emotion and the realization of the enormity of our accomplishment.  And now, here was this very touching ceremony of a couple who have likely made the biggest emotional and physical sacrifice of anyone, to commit to each other.  And they had no friends there.  Pretty soon we were all close friends, and the few climbers and guides and porters who were there became an instant wedding congregation.  I was so teared-up I could hardly see the viewfinder! I uploaded this in 1920x1080p HD, so it will be a big file, but high quality for David and Sarka to download as a record and remembrance of their very special day at the top of the world.

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