A Weekend in Corumbau, Bahia, Brazil

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The sands of time keep on blowing, but good friendships endure and indeed thrive, regardless of the distance over oceans or years.

Such is the friendship Katie and I have with Miguel and Mariana D’Almeida, our dear friends from Rio de Janeiro since 1976.  Mariana and Miguel lived in Rio at that time.  Katie had left South Africa to return to the USA in December of 1976, and I followed her there to propose to her.  She was staying with the D’Almeidas, and they were indeed the first to know that she accepted.  Over the years we remained good friends.  We visited each other in Lisbon and Columbus, we vacationed together in London, England, we frequently enjoy their company in New York City, and had the privilege in January 2011 to visit their beautiful vacation property in Corumbau, Bahia, Brazil.

Katie and I joined our friends, Richard and Lydia Wallace for a wonderful weekend at Miguel and Mariana’s vacation home. We were fortunate to meet Michael, Richard’s business associate, and also to spend the weekend and become friends with Pedro and Teresa Clemente, friends of Mariana and Miguel from Portugal. A bonus of the weekend was to meet and become friends with Clement and Adriana, a couple from Rio de Janeiro who own a large estate just down the beach from Miguel and Mariana.

We had the time of our life!

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Brazil Corumbau 2011 01

Brazil Sao Paolo 2011 01


I also put together a short video of our adventure.

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